Nutrition Care

Who is a Nutrition coach?

Nutrition coaches are certified nutrition trainers who educate and provide suggestions on lifestyle and diet during fitness or weight loss journeys. A nutrition coach can guide regular calorie intake, healthy portion sizes, calculate macronutrient ratios, dietary assessments and more. 

What spectrum of health problems are addressed? 

With a certified nutrition coach, you can address your weight loss and fitness journey. Besides, you can also consider maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet. Weight loss and gain, weight management, sports and childhood nutrition are some of the major concerns addressed by a certified nutrition coach. 

When do you need to take up sessions with a Nutrition coach?

One can get in touch with a certified nutrition coach to address their concerns on weight loss, weight gain, weight management, fitness, and sport and childhood nutrition.; 

Who is more predisposed to needing a Nutrition coach?

Gender –

Both men and women may require a nutrition coach to address their diet and health concerns, depending on their lifestyle and occupation. 

Age –

There is as such no age bar for requiring sessions with a nutrition coach. From an elderly to a child, all can consult to seek suggestions on a healthy lifestyle and diet. 

Inherited traits –

Several lifestyle-related issues such as imbalanced diet, consumption of excessive alcohol and other drugs, intake of fast food and fatty food may invite issues that will require the help of a certified nutrition coach. 

Pre-existing disorders –

Thyroid, diabetes, stubborn fats and such other pre-existing disorders need proper suggestions from a certified nutrition coach to battle the conditions. 

Environmental stress –

Loneliness, social bullying and such other environmental stress can lead to mental and behavioural issues. 

Additional complications due to COVID-19

Stress, lockdown and the atmosphere of fear amidst the COVID-19 era can harm the mental health leading to disorders and imbalance. 


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