What is Gastroenterology?

Gastroenterology is the medical branch that deals with the digestive system and its disorders along with preserving digestive health. 

What spectrum of health problems are addressed?

Gastroenterology focuses on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of digestive disorders along with preserving digestive health. It takes care of the diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract, which consists of the organs from the mouth into the anus, along the alimentary canal.  

Which are the most common symptoms?

Some of the common symptoms of digestive disorders include – 

  • Bleeding , Heartburn , Bloating , Nausea  , Vomiting , Constipation , Pain in the belly , Weight gain  , Weight loss , Incontinence , Diarrhoea , Swallowing problems.

Who is more predisposed to such conditions?

Gender –

Women are at a higher risk of gastrointestinal disorders and irritable bowel syndrome than men. 

Age –

Digestive disorders are known to be prominent with age, however, a younger individual can suffer from the same owing to their lifestyle and diet. 

Inherited traits –

There is a high chance of the transmission of digestive disorders among blood relatives and you may welcome such diseases if anyone in your family is infected. 

Lifestyle –

Improper diet, intake of alcohol, less consumption of fibre, more consumption of caffeine, stress, anxiety, lack of proper hydration and physical inactivity can invite digestive disorders.   

Pre-existing disorders –

Diabetes, cancer, hypertension and anxiety disorders can be the cause for digestive disorders. 

Additional complications due to COVID-19

Physical inactivity, overeating, consumption of junk food and stress can lead to digestive disorders during COVID-19. 


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