Trends in the Treatment of COVID-19

The contagious COVID-19 has affected millions of people in India and abroad. With the threat of coronavirus still looming over us, governments from all over the globe are responding quickly to curb the spread of SARS COV-2 (the one responsible for the global pandemic).

This outbreak of the deadly virus and the exponential rise in the number of deaths worldwide has impelled pharmaceutical industry into action. Right from conducting medical research to enforcing therapeutic & preventive inventions – the medical communities are putting tremendous efforts to develop anti-viral drugs and vaccines.

But, ever wondered, what are the advancements made in this field? How effective are these treatments? Probably not! 

Well, it’s time to delve deeper…

Is COVID-19 Treatable?

Yes, and No. This is mostly due to the treatments largely depending on the severity of the infection. For ones with mild symptoms, simply bed rest for a few days along with common medication is enough to ward off the virus. But, with such growing awareness of the infectious nature of the virus, a great many Indians are restricting themselves indoors. Who knows, if they are harbouring a life-threatening virus?

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Now, coming to the part whether the treatments are treatable in the advanced stages, a lot can be at stake. From supplemental oxygen to assisted ventilation support, the race to develop vaccines is still the only hope.

Treatment trends for COVID-19

Pharmaceutical companies worldwide are racing against time to bring out the remedy for COVID-19. India is no far behind with the country’s vaccination drive already in full swing from 16th of January, 2021. Though clinical trials are testing the nature & efficiency of the drugs, some of the noteworthy treatments combating this deadly virus are listed below:

Anti-viral medications

Anti-viral medications for flu-like symptoms and acute cases of influenza have proven formidable in the early treatment of coronavirus (albeit in some cases). As these drugs don’t actually kill the virus but rather, limit its replication and invasion in host cells – this conventional treatment procedure can reduce complications and minimize the duration of the illness in some patients.

So, if you have developed flu-like signs and faced recurrent symptoms of fever & stubborn cold – it is best that you get yourself treated. And, the first step is to visit a clinic to get yourself checked. But, such medical consultations need not have to in the physical form. Opt for some of the best online doctor consultations from reputed portals such as Doctor2Care.


Clinical trials have shown dexamethasone to have worked wonders for hospitalized patients suffering from COVID-19. This steroid drug has been in use for over a decade in the medical communities for treating inflammatory diseases such as asthma, Crohn’s disease, etc. 

For patients with mechanical ventilation, dexamethasone has proved to be more effective rather than those who require supplemental oxygen. Although, it is not a full-proof way of treatment it did bring hope for effective treatment methods for COVID-19.

Convalescent blood plasma therapy

Studies have revealed that patients getting better (convalesce) after suffering from viral infections; their immune systems successfully produce antibodies to combat the virus. This kind of antibody therapy has been in practice for over a hundred years. Collecting the plasma of survivors has provided deeper insight into establishing a therapy or an effective treatment to combat the spread of the virus attacking the fresh cells. In India, the government is welcoming patients and their families who have emerged victorious in fighting novel coronavirus to come forward for medical trials for the greater benefit.

Monoclonal Antibodies

These lab-engineered proteins behave as antibodies in our immune system and help fight the disease. One such in the name of Tocilizumab has seen to be particularly effective for treating SARS COV-2 infections. In COVID-19 patients, Tocilizumab has shown to combat inflammation and enhance immunity against the virus in advanced stages of illness. Although, studies have claimed that the effect of this monoclonal antibody is mixed. 

Though some prospective trials have exhibited some mortality benefits, more studies are required at this stage.

Can COVID-19 vaccines bring hope?

Not fully. Not 100% as of now. 

Although clinical trials have mostly exhibited positive results, some have developed complications that have sparked worries & tension among the medical communities and the ordinary folks alike. But as with every vaccine development (like in case of small-pox or polio), it takes years of trial & error to finally roll-out a batch that is 100% effective with zero side-effects. 

Till then, it is best to stay as much indoors (as much as possible) and follow the safety measures laid out by the government. Until the vaccine is widely available, taking the precautionary measures and seeking medical attention immediately on developing the slightest hint of COVID-19 symptoms is your best bet. Facilities like the best free online doctor consultations offered by numerous healthcare institutions can be the first responsible step that you take! 

Stay safe.