Steps To Prevent Home Injuries And Taking Care Of The Elderly

Injuries are a part of life, even at the later stages of life. Although we, as children, may strive to create a safe and secured domestic environment, their deteriorating health, lack of balance, and restricted mobility often lead to indoor injuries which may lead to severe conditions or irreparable damage. 

Along with taking care of yourself, it is also important to opt for the best online doctor consultation in India to deal with such injuries and sudden accidents. Being unable to avoid such unforeseen events within the periphery of our own homes, it is best to be aware and knowledgeable about the possible injuries that can affect the quality of life. 

With that said, here are some of the most common in-home injuries faced by the elderly – 

  1. Cuts

A quite common occurrence, cuts can be both serious and minimal. Every household has sharp objects required for daily use such as scissors, knives, razors, etc. While younger ones have a stable reflex that saves them from minor cuts, the elderly might be harmed if not handling the objects correctly. 

And not just using, there may be other objects in the house that may be sharp, like mirrors, the railing of the staircase and plenty more which can also be sharp enough to pierce through the aged skin. These may also lead to medical concerns making you rush your aged member to the hospital for immediate medical assistance. 

How to prevent? 

Try to keep older adults as away from sharp objects as possible. Look for open edges of mirrors and try to cover them up to reduce the chances of cuts and damage. In case the elderly member wishes to help with kitchen chores, make sure you are quite alert and the elderly are making proper use of the knife or scissors and are careful with them. 

2. Food accidents

Lack of food safety can also lead to several unforeseen situations. We often consider only children to suffer from food accidents, however, the elderly can also face injuries, health issues and troubles with food causing allergies and other health issues. Anaphylactic shock can often lead to disturbed vision, skin outbreaks and severe respiratory troubles. 

Choking on food is another common accident faced by the elderly of the house. This may be due to conversations that they might engage in while having their meal. 

How to prevent? 

Be cautious about the meals that you are serving the elder member of your house. Take a look at the ingredients to be sure that you are not serving anything that he or she might be allergic to. Also, check the expiry dates of the food items as even a day expired food can make a lot of difference. Make sure the food is cooked well and stored at the right temperature. Last but not least, be cautious while eating and do not engage in conversation to prevent choking. 

3. Falls 

Falls have become quite a common phenomenon, especially for the elderly and children. Known as the worst kind of enemy of humankind, falls may lead to severe injuries that may cause fractures and even fatal conditions. Falls may occur due to inadequate lighting, uneven surfaces, slippery floors, cluttered furniture and many more. 

How to prevent them? 

Keep your future properly placed and also make the elderly member of your house learn the positions properly. In case of slippery floors, especially in the bathroom, install carpets for covering that would enhance grip and prevent accidents. Install bars and railings to make the staircase safe for the elderly. Besides, install bars in the bathroom to provide the aged with some support. Also, check for the shoes worn and provide the aged with quality shoes with stronger grip to eliminate the risk of falls. Finally, make sure your house is well lit, especially the frequently accessed corners. 

4. Fire and burns 

Fire and burns have also become a common affair due to a lack of cautiousness and carelessness. This may be the result of unmonitored electrical devices, an open fireplace, an unattended gas stove, a leak in the gas pipe, and many other situations that involve the use of fire. 

How to prevent them? 

Fire hazards can be life-threatening and therefore it is our responsibility to ensure that no situation leads to a fire outbreak. Make sure you monitor your electrical devices and do not leave open wires around. In case you have a fireplace in your house do not leave them unattended. Also, be extremely cautious while you are in the kitchen. Last but not the least, have firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors and anti-scald devices. 

Summing it up...

There are other in-home injuries such as chemical poisoning that can wreak havoc on the safety and health of the elderly members of your home. It is recommended that you opt for the best online doctor consultation in India on platforms like Doctor2Care to seek medical attention and care in case of accidents and injuries. 

And lastly, it is our responsibility to be careful. Always remember that concentration and consciousness is the key to avoid in-home injuries and hazards.