Neurological Disorder – All you Need to Know

Is your child suffering from a neurological disorder? Are you aware of the symptoms well? 

Understanding the symptoms of neurological disorder is paramount, in order to seek timely medical attention and promote proper diagnosis and treatment that can save your child. 

That being said. amidst this pandemic scenario, if you want to seek medical help for your child, opt for neurologist online consultation and offer your little one the effective treatment he/she deserves. 

Did you know? 

Million are affected by neurological disorders every year. But many are unaware that they have such problems and hence cannot address the situation on time, thus being deprived of quality diagnosis and treatment. 

What is a neurological disorder? 

Neurological disorders or disease are disorders that affect the brain and the nerves present in the body and spine. Symptoms may include headache, seizures, Parkinson’s disease, Dementia and more. 

Children suffer from Neurological disorder especially when there is some abnormality in the brain, muscle cells and nervous system. Children are often born with a neurological disorder or they acquire the disorder later on in life due to a serious infection or a traumatic injury. 

What are the factors that can lead to neurological disorders?

Factors that can lead to neurological disorders are - 

  • Developmental issues
  • Damaging infection
  • Brain injury

The neurological disorder can have an adverse effect on the neurological pathway which can lead to such dysfunction. It can also be a result of nutrition and lifestyle-related issues, physical injuries, infections and more. You can opt for online neurologist consultation to discuss your issues and understand the cause. 

What are the possible symptoms of neurological disorder? 

The possible symptoms that you should look out for in your child to understand if he/she has neurological disorders or not are – 

  • Decreased alertness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Partial or complete paralysis
  • Seizures
  • Pain
  • Partial or complete loss of sensation
  • Poor cognitive abilities
  • Difficulty reading and writing

You can opt for online doctor consultation in India to learn about your child’s symptoms and avail of treatment on time. 

What are the common childhood neurological disorders?

Neurological disorders, in children, can occur for numerous reasons and can have adverse effects on the child and the family. Some of the common childhood neurological disorders are – 

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – It is one of the most common neurological disorders found in children. This disorder makes it difficult for the child to concentrate or be attentive and often fails to control impulses. 

  • Cerebral Palsy – It is known to be a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the child’s motor skills. This disorder is caused by brain damage that is usually caused during birth or before. Before birth, it normally occurs during pregnancy when the foetus fails to grow or develops brain damage. The condition can be improved with the help of treatment and therapies. 
  • Dyspraxia – Dyspraxia is a condition that makes it difficult for the child to coordinate physical movement. You can opt for online neurologist consultation to discuss your child’s health condition effectively and seek proper treatment.   
  • Autism – It is a neurodevelopmental disorder that defines impaired social interaction, repetitive behaviour patterns and impaired communication skills.  
  • Dyslexia – It stands for the learning disabilities in children, where the child faces issues in writing, reading, etc. 

What is the possible treatment? 

In case your child has been diagnosed with neurological disorders, it is best to consider a neurologist online consultation to stay in constant touch with your doctor and to learn to manage the condition. 

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