How to stay healthy this summer?

The sultry days of scorching heat are almost round the corner. You never know when it’s going to hit you, but when it does, handle it with care. This calls for a drastic change in routine, diet and of course, a light exercise regimen that would keep you fit this summer. Here is a list of guidelines that would help get things started: 

Eat healthy food to avoid food poisoning 

In the summertime, food poisoning cases are quite common and kids are mostly affected by it. Therefore, you must take great care in changing the food habit you have been following all these months. Eat wholesome food, drink plenty of water and avoid eating outside. Wash your hands every time before eating. Do not keep chopped fruits and vegetables in the open for long. If you have put your food on the marination then properly store it in the refrigerator in properly clean utensils. 

However, if you have been facing an acute case of food poisoning or stomach disorder, do not hesitate for the best online doctor consultation in India to seek medical advice on immediate notice. Prolonging this would only make matters worse – remember that! 

Avoid caffeinated drinks, smoking and alcohol

First of all, drinks like coke fizzy breezes and beverages such as coffee & tea contain excessive caffeine that leaves your body dehydrated quickly. Consuming excessive amounts of it can lead to fever and chills. Hope you know by now what that can do to you during the ongoing pandemic scenario! 

Shield yourself from infections and diseases 

Summertime is synonymous with allergies and infections. It is recommended to stay as much indoors as possible. Make the best use of flu shots in March and April. Till the vaccination drive is completed you can also try some home remedies. Using Tulsi leaves, ginger, turmeric and pepper can cure common cold symptoms. This concoction also provides an effective remedy against several diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. 

However, if the damage has already been done, do not neglect it any further. Facilities provided by healthcare portals like Doctor2Care offers comprehensive online chat with doctors in India where you come in contact with 100+ medical specialists. You can avail this one-of-a-kind feature to save time and money. 

Don’t skip bath (never ever!) 

Winter is long gone! Say yes to bathing regularly at least 2 to 3 times a day in summers. Taking bath lowers the heat effect and is also a cost-effective and fun way to beat the heat. Moreover, it keeps your body hydrated and flushes out toxins. Regular bathing has also been linked with an improved digestive system according to many types of research.

Improve your immune system and increase the intake of probiotics 

In case you have been wondering how probiotics have been linked with better immunity let us enlighten you! Probiotics are basically live yeast or bacteria (healthy ones, of course) that aid indigestion. Foods like yoghurt or curd should be consumed on a daily basis as they not only boost the ingestion & digestive process but also, provide an outlet for lactose intolerant individuals. 

It’s a win-win!

You should also increase the intake of herbal drinks made from kadha and jaggery along with lemon juice. This age-old health drink when consumed with other antioxidant nutrients like turmeric, can cure inflammations and also prevents cancer. 

Chalk out a diet chart from a reputed nutritionist 

Every individual’s diet is different so never copy what your friends & colleagues have been doing. Who knows, they could be doing wrong all along? Visit a nutritionist or seek help from best online Dr consultation platforms such as Doctor2Care to create a nutrition chart catered only for YOU. 

Along with that, you must also incorporate healthy eating habits like avoiding binging on junk food and increasing more fibre into your diet. Raw vegetables, salads, serials and fresh fruits contain enough fibres to cure your gastrointestinal problems. These keep your guts healthy and prevent constipation. 

Hitting outdoors? Carry these along! 

If you are planning for a vacation or simply your work from home benefits are over, you must take extra precautions in that case! Always carry the right accessories like shades, wearing light coloured and natural fabrics such as linen and cotton clothes, applying sunscreen and adopting a strict screen care routine. 

Final words 

Keep in mind that summertime can affect various individuals in numerous ways. From measles to diarrhoea, sunburn to heat stroke - a lot can happen if you don’t take enough precaution beforehand. Symptoms like jaundice and typhoid also increase with the “flourishing” of microbes in this hot, humid water.  

Upon noticing any slightest symptoms of discomfort or, any signs of contagious diseases – seek medical help immediately. Quality medical practitioners at Doctor2Care are ready to help you even if you’re miles away! Follow these tips and stay healthy this summer like a PRO.