Covid-19 vaccine – Facts to know

India suffers a major hit with 7,290 new cases (data received on May 4, 2021; source: The deficiency of oxygen and hospital beds are quite alarming which forces us to stay back home and take utmost precautions. 

As the Covid-19 vaccine launches, there have been many questions and speculations. The Government of India currently allows all above the age of 18 to get registered for vaccination. However, there are several myths associated with the vaccine which needs to be busted at the earliest to ensure a seamless vaccination process. 

But before we begin, it is necessary to opt for a consultation with a Covid specialist doctor online to learn if your body is eligible to deal with the side effects of the vaccine. Also, you may not be able to get the vaccine shot if you have specific underlying disorders and comorbidities. 

How is the vaccine given?

Currently, the citizens of India are being given two vaccines namely Covishield and Covaxin, and the third vaccine of Russia – Sputnik V has recently reached the country and is yet to be injected. The vaccines are given in two doses with a gap of 28 days to 56 days, depending on the type of vaccine. 

In case you have any underlying disorder do discuss with the physician to prevent any sorts of health issues or fatal disorders.  

How to get the vaccine? 

The process of getting the vaccine is quite easy and you can choose to register online. The Government of India launches an online portal that allows you to book a slot and also download your e-certificate affirming your vaccination. You will be required to register with your phone number and ID number and choose the nearby vaccination centre and time of vaccination. 

On the day of vaccination, you will have to prove your identity by furnishing the identity document shared at the time of registration.    

Alternatively, consult with a Covid specialist doctor online to learn about the local vaccination centre and get vaccinated at the earliest. 

What are the possible side effects?

The effect of the vaccine is different for people who have been exposed to Covid-19 and those who have not. Depending on this, the side effects may also vary. For instance, the first dose primes the immune system for those who have never been exposed to Covid-19, while the second dose serves as a booster. But, for those who have been exposed to Covid-19, the recovery process primes the body, while the first dose acts as a booster. And hence the side effects may be different. 

Nevertheless, the possible side effects are –
Muscle pain 
In addition, the arm that received the vaccine may also experience swelling, pain and redness. Consult with a Covid specialist doctor online if you experience any unusual symptoms or the side effects persist for too long. 

How to deal with the side effects?

Get in touch with a physician treating Covid and treat your conditions with over-the-counter medicines as prescribed by the doctor. Such medicines can be antihistamines, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin and other medicines as per recommendation. 

Note: It is mandatory to consult a doctor before taking any medication. The condition is pretty intense and alarming and any wrong step can turn fatal.  Do not purchase or consume any medicine without a doctor’s prescription or recommendation. 

It is possible to be infected after being vaccinated? 

Two of the greatest misconceptions people believe are – 

You will not be infected by coronavirus if you are vaccinated 
You will get coronavirus after you are vaccinated 

Well, both statements are completely wrong. In any case, on consulting with a Covid specialist doctor online you will learn that contracting the disease after getting vaccinated or because of the vaccine is rare. But one must understand that in the form of the vaccine, you are being injected with dead or coronavirus in an inactive state that helps your body to identify the virus, create antibodies and fight if the body is exposed to active or alive viruses. 

Having said that, the Government does not guarantee 100% immunity to the virus. However, the vaccine helps in preparing the body to fight against the virus on being infected so that the infection cannot be severe or fatal and the body is strong enough to deal with the effects.   

All in all, you can be inflicted with Covid-19 even after being vaccinated, but the severity or fatality is comparatively less and your body is prepared to fight back. 

Summing it up…

We hope that all of us get vaccinated soon and India fights back. We are glad that we are being supported by all countries around the world. Proper treatment, mental strength and adequate awareness can help us deal with Covid-19 conveniently and banish the virus forever. 

We are in this together! 

**Remember: After you are vaccinated do not forget to wear a mask. Keep washing hands and using sanitisers to protect yourself and contain the spread. Keep in regular touch with a Covid specialist doctor online to deal with health concerns conveniently.