9 Exercises That Strengthen Your Heart

Keeping your heart strong is one of the most important health goals you could possibly have!

The best way to build a strong heart is to exercise. Moreover, if you do not exercise, you are twice as likely to get some form of heart disease. Furthermore, if you have a history of poor heart health or worry about your heart’s condition, exercise looks like the best way out for you to prevent the onset of something more dangerous later on.

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So, on that note, look at the exercises that you can opt for to strengthen your heart health.

Exercises That Strengthen Your Heart

Here are some of the exercises that can boost heart health and the overall functioning of the body.

  • Cycling

Hopping onto the cycle is a great way to shed those pounds, and strengthen your heart. Moreover, this activity is known to reduce the risk of heart disease. It makes use of the large muscles in your legs that helps to elevate heart rate. Mental health is also boosted by cycling.

  • Dance

You can opt for aerobics or Zumba to keep your heart healthy. All you need for dancing is good footwear, space and fast-paced music. The ideal music for dance is 120 to 135 beats per minute. Dancing can be of high intensity to low intensity as the case may be. Moreover, you can do this exercise at home as well.

  • Elliptical machine

This is among the quickest way to develop aerobic exercise options. The lower body movement mimics that of running or cycling, while the upper body movement brings in the blood circulating to the back and shoulder muscles. Nowadays, these machines are much in demand and they are being used as an alternative to full-body workouts. Hence, you can invest in one of these machines and take care of your heart health. Any online consultation cardiologist will suggest the same kind of aerobic exercises to you.

  • Interval training

High-intensity workouts with some duration of rest are known as interval training. Using this method, you can raise and bring down your pulse quickly such that it assists in burning calories. For instance, you can run for three minutes and then stroll for the next three. Repeat the process until you have achieved the equivalent of a full-body workout. This improves the functions of your arteries and veins.

  • Swimming

This is another full-body exercise that helps you to lose weight and conditions your heart. This exercise is easy on your joints (makes it distinct from other exercises) and allows you to move your body without much pain.

  • Tai Chi

This is a Chinese martial arts exercise that uses rhythmic movements along with breathing and focus. Hence, it is also known as a moving meditation. This exercise is good for the heart and mental well-being. Online consultation with a cardiologist will suggest similar activities for you to do.

  • Walking

An easy activity, walking is a very simple and affordable way to strengthen your heart. Moreover, it is easy on the joints when compared to other types of exercises. You just need a good pair of shoes for walking. While you walk, you can listen to music, a podcast or walk with a friend.

  • Weight training

Building muscles helps your heart. You can try squats, pull-ups, push-ups and other kinds of weight training exercises to build muscle and burn fat. These types of exercises also contribute to bone and heart health.

  • Yoga

Yoga may not be an aerobic exercise, but prolonged yoga can help you to lose weight. Moreover, it is also good for your heart. Certain types of yoga get your heart rate up but also lower your blood pressure.


Thus, we saw that exercises are a great way to strengthen the heart, lose weight and build muscles.  

Different aerobic exercises can help you lo lose weight and maintain your heart health.

Walking is one such exercise that requires no expense on your part.

Other exercises include dance, cycling, yoga, weight training, etc.

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