6 Ways to Optimise Your Immunity and Protect Your Health

How are you? Hope you are doing well as you face the ongoing covid-19 pandemic scenario where the odds of catching the coronavirus is high! As shocking it might seem you are here to know the tips and tricks for maximizing your immunity & stay healthy this year. So without further ado, let's get started. 

1 - Drink Enough Water

Keeping yourself hydrated at all times is the best way to flush out toxins from your body. Drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water. It is free of calories, sugar, colour and additives. Along with that, put extra emphasis on eating wholesome foods rather than fried or junk ones! Foods like vegetables, fruits, and legumes are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that will provide your immunity with an upper hand against toxic pathogens. 


Older individuals might not feel the urge to drink water frequently but, it is encouraged to do so as their bodies might not signal thirst adequately

2 - Limit Your Sugar and Salt Intake 

Needless to say, sugar and refined carbs contribute heavily to obesity. Overweight can lead to severe heart disease if not treated in the early stages. Along with that, there is also the risk of running diabetes and high blood pressure if you do not limit your salt intake. 

Moderation is your best bet in this case. However, if you find difficulty in lowering the sugar you can use its natural variants like jaggery. By curbing your sugar intake, you can lower the inflammation of joints, improve your immune system and burn more calories than before! 

In case you have been struggling to fix a diet that would suit you, go for an online doctor consultation in India to help you out. 

3 - Engage Yourself in Light to Moderate Exercises 

No matter what your friends or colleagues say about exercising regularly, too much of it can actually suppress your immune system (doing more harm than good). As per fitness experts, a moderate exercise regime on a daily basis can lend your immunity a significant boost. 

Studies have indicated that 15 to 20 minutes of moderate exercise can increase your effectiveness during the vaccination drive as it helps the immune cells to regenerate spontaneously. Having said that, it is time that you ditch your idea of PS4 gaming and shift onto realistic outdoor activities like bicycling, swimming, jogging, brisk walking, etc. What say? 

4 - Increase Your Intake of Fermented Foods and Probiotics Supplements 

Several researchers have suggested that probiotics can improve the mechanism of digestion and provide your body's immune system with an upper hand. This is because the number of healthy bacteria found in probiotics can promote healthy cells to shield themselves from harmful invaders. Therefore, it is encouraged to include foods like yoghurt, kimchi, natto, and kefir into your daily diet. 

5 - Are You Having Enough Sleep?

You might not realise this but there is a close relation between healthy sleep and more immunity. In case, you suffer from sleep apnoea or other related sleeping disorders, the best free online doctor consultation is the safest thing to do! Keep in mind that poor sleep quality is directly linked to higher susceptibility to illness. Under normal circumstances, it is best that you limit the screen time usage before you doze off. All illuminated displays like that in your mobile phone laptop television emits a blue light that can severely disrupt your circadian rhythm or sleep cycle. Neglect it and your body will be more prone to fatigue & drowsiness. This can hamper your productivity even more. So, sleep mate sleep! 

6 – Manage the Stress Levels Wisely 

Getting rid of stress and anxiety from your body is the mantra for healthier living. But, in this rat race, we often get burdened under pressure & stress making our body susceptible to diseases. Along with it comes anxiety disorders, depression and frustration resulting in shutting off the body’s immune system even more. Mediation, light exercise and yoga have proved to be effective remedies for keeping your immunity power to the maximum. Seek the help of a licensed therapist or an experienced counsellor to bring mindfulness into your life!      

Final Take on the Matter 

Lastly, having the best doctor advice online from portals like Doctor2Care can work wonders! But, perhaps the most crucial part is to take the first step. Starting something new is never easy but once you have taken the initial steps toward the right direction it is then easier to follow the path towards healthy living. 

Especially in the times of covid-19 pandemic, boosting your immunity and shielding yourself from the deadly virus. In today's face of threat, what you need is willpower and momentum to get things going. This write-up will prep you to take that first necessary step towards a happy & hearty life!