6 Steps To Deal With Fatigue And Tiredness

Not willing to get out of bed?
Feeling too tired and stressed out? 
Related, huh? 

Yes, we all have been in such a situation, where finding the courage to do a simple task seems challenging. Fatigue is no more a rich man’s concept or an idea of the fairy tale. 

Fatigue or tiredness has now been accepted as a clinical condition that might need a specialist’s help. You can also consult with a general medicine doctor online if you notice symptoms of fatigue and detect the condition at the initial stages. 

As per the experts, many cases of tiredness or fatigue is due to lack of proper sleep, stress, unbalanced lifestyle and improper diet. 

Although you can seek medical help if things are out of hand, consider self-treating at the initial stages or consulting a general doctor rather than a specialist. 

To help you deal with fatigue and tiredness we have listed below some of the easy steps that you can follow regularly and insurance healthy mind and body –

Step 1. Eat adequately 

We often tend to reduce our food quantity which contributes to you can unexplained tiredness and fatigue. To deal with this, it is important to eat food in the right proportion to help the body boost energy and deal with fatigue. 

In case you cannot consume a lot at once, break your meal into small proportions. Make a habit of having healthy snacks every three to four hours in place of a large meal. This will keep you full throughout the day and boost your energy to help you deal with fatigue and tiredness. 

Step 2. Eat nutritious meal

Along with eating adequately, it is also important to eat nutritious meals. Count the amount of protein, vitamin, zinc and other nutrition. Increase your fruit and fibre intake to boost your immune system as well. 

Step 3. Get moving

Considering the current level of energy, exercising will be the last thing on your mind. Although it should have been the first! 

To deal with tiredness, it is best to push your body and get moving. Regular exercising will make you feel less tired and help you get more energy to address regular activities. 

Step 4. Exercise to lose weight

Obesity or being overweight also leads to fatigue or tiredness. In case you have a higher BMI you are more likely to feel discouraged to even address regular chores. Therefore move your body and try to lose some weight. 

Do not binge eat and avoid junk food. Also, stop spending your days lying on the bed and watching movies. Instead, pick yourself up and do what you love to find the motivation enough to get out of bed every day and get along through the day. 

Eat healthily, maintain a strict diet and exercise regularly to reduce body weight and boost energy. Besides, accurate BMI will also boost self-confidence. 

Step 5. Avoid caffeine

Many of us assume that without caffeine our body will fail to function. This is why the very first step we take after waking up is to drink tea or coffee. Besides, cola or energy drinks have become an everyday drink to beat the heat and to seek negligible energy. Even though we feel that these lend energy to our body, we tend to forget that these have proven to contribute to tiredness and fatigue in the longer run. 

If you are caffeine-addicted, you are bound to deal with fatigue all day long. This is why it is best to slowly reduce caffeine intake if you have been feeling fatigued and tired. Also, avoid pain killers and herbal remedies that contain caffeine. 

It might be difficult initially, but is beneficial for the long run! 

Step 6. Reduce stress and have adequate sleep

Lack of sleep and an increase in stress levels can also lead to tiredness. Make sure you sleep well and sleep properly to boost energy the next day. Consider keeping stress at bay so that you do not sulk throughout the day. 

In addition to the above, you can also seek therapy if you feel that the steps you are taking do not suffice. Do understand that fatigue or continuous tiredness can be a clinical condition and hence will require medical attention. 

If you feel uncomfortable seeking therapy, you can consult with a general medicine doctor online to track your condition and to analyse your situation. However, if you feel things are not inclining towards the brighter side it is best to seek the help of a specialist. 

Considering the current pandemic scenario, you can get in touch with a specialist online on Doctor2Care and seek medical help without having to step outdoors. 

And above all, do remember to keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of water to boost your metabolic system, eradicate tiredness, boost energy, and promote immunity and overall health.