5 Tips for a Healthy Heart during Summer

Gone by are the cosy winter days. With the City of Joy melting in the scorching heat, we are also slowly getting drenched in sweat. 

Hold on! 

The heat is yet to come. 

Although it is just the beginning of April, summer seems to have settled in quite well. The heat is yet to rise, however, we are almost experiencing rough and hot weather. 

Along with dripping sweat, the summers bring in several health issues, heart problems being one of them. It is important to take care of your heart so that the summers fail to wreak havoc and affect you and your loved ones. 

Having said that, let us take a deeper look into the matter. 

Heart disease can be referred to as any blockage or constrictions in the blood vessel that may be the reason behind heart attack, stroke or angina. Along with this, conditions affecting the valves or heart muscles are also considered heart diseases or disorders. 

The chances of heart disease or the conditions seem to increase during the summers. People with underlying heart disease, hence, should take special care to save themselves from the heat and deterioration of the condition. In case your heart feels unwell, opt for an online cardiologist free consultation immediately.

Why the Summers?

During the summers, the body starts to function differently with the rise in temperature. This makes the heart pump blood faster to regulate the temperature. In case the body fails to cool down properly, the chances of suffering from heatstroke is increased, which can get fatal at times. Hence, summers call for special care to keep the heart-healthy.


Here are 5 effective tips that you can follow to secure a healthy heart during summers.

Tip 1: Avoid too much exercise

You must have been hearing from your elders and health gurus to exercise regularly so that you can have a fit body. As much as it is true, vigorous exercising during the summers can affect the body. During summers, the heart already has to work harder to regulate the temperature of the body. Running, jogging, and other extensive exercises will further force the heart to pump blood faster to regulate body temperature, which can put too much pressure on the heart, especially for individuals with heart existing diseases. The best cardiology doctor in India prescribes to avoid strenuous exercises during summers.

Tip 2: Keep yourself hydrated

Water acts as a significant source of hydration to your body and also regulates the temperature of the body. Drinking plenty of water and keeping yourself hydrated can help in preventing heart diseases and keeping the electrical system of the body under control. Besides, staying hydrated is also known to regulate heartbeat.

Tip 3: Be in an environment that is cool

Yes, it is not always possible! But there is no harm in taking a chance. 

Considering that we are always on the move, being in a cooler environment may not always be possible. However, it is important to stay in a cool environment as much as possible, especially in peak hours. Consider staying indoors as long as possible. Also, remember to wear lightweight and light-coloured clothing to keep your body cool. Make use of air-conditioners and fans to regulate the temperature of your surroundings. Wearing light-coloured clothes helps in reflecting maximum light, thus keeping your heart in a healthy condition. In case you feel discomfort in your heart, opt for an online cardiologist free consultation immediately.

Tip 4: Track your diet

Your diet is paramount in keeping yourself healthy during summers. Avoid rich food and consider a light and nutritious diet. Don’t stuff yourself much and avoid having spicy and oily food as it may increase the heat in your body. It is also recommended to avoid food with a high amount of carbohydrate and sugar as it adds more pressure on your heart. Furthermore, exclude processed and commercially baked food from your diets, such as potato chips, cakes, pizza, burger, cookies, and more as they are rich in sodium, carbohydrates, saturated fat and other elements responsible for heating up the body.     

Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they will not only affect your body but also your heart. Caffeine and alcohol can lead to dehydration which can lead to various health issues that can be fatal especially for people with heart disease. Include a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables into your diet as they offer the required nutrients to your body and energy to survive the heat.

Tip 5: Check the colour of your urine

The colour of your urine can help you determine the condition of your health. Dark-coloured urine can indicate concentrated urine and a dehydrated body. In that case, drink enough water (more than normal, and definitely more than the amount you intake during winters) along with other healthy fluids. 

Moreover, you can consider an online consultation cardiologist if you feel irritation in your heart. While you do so, remember to share the colour of your urine to help your physician diagnose the condition better. 

In addition to the above, seek medical help in case you sense something is unusual. Patients with pre-existing heart disease should always be in constant touch with the doctor to address emergency situations effectively. 

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