5 Simple Tips for a Healthier Life & Heart

Keeping your heart healthy at all times should be your primary concern. It would not only positively complement your health and well-being but also your loved ones around you! That being said, maintaining a heart-healthy diet is of crucial importance. Along with that regular exercise and, a few expert guidance tips will help you to achieve that “unachievable” feat. The first step is to book an online cardiologist free consultation program to chalk you out with practical tips that will prove beneficial for a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Tip 1 –

Taking into account the necessity of a healthy diet let’s begin with that pointer. Eat more healthy fats rather than trans fats. To be more precise, you need to lower the intake of foods that have a higher percentage of LDL and increase food intake (HDL) that will provide good cholesterol levels. By maintaining this diet you can not only improve the blood flow but also make your body toxin-free!

The obvious question would be how would you figure out which foods to avoid? Keep a close tab on the foods that you are buying from the supermarket and fast food centres that use artificial sweeteners and tastemakers for increasing the flavour & texture. Beware of them!!

Tip 2 –

Always maintain strict dental hygiene, which includes regular brushing your teeth twice and closing thereafter. Also, have you been skipping your visit to the nearby dentist? If yes, then get an appointment immediately.

Remember that good dental hygiene is an indicator of overall well-being including your heart. Yes, and that’s the very reason you need to report to the dentist the moment you contract any tooth or gum disease which can have a detrimental effect on your existing heart disease. Timely consult with a cardiologist online free to determine if your heart condition is worsening due to gum diseases moving into the bloodstream and spiking the C-reactive protein. This is a condition that can even lead to stroke!

Tip 3 –

EXERCISE for the love of God! As necessary as it is, most of us are sitting for prolonged hours without taking a break. Be it on smartphones or computer screens, our life has become way too digital than it should be!

Research has revealed that sitting for long periods of time cannot only pose a negative impact on your backbone but also, on the heart as well. This can prove fatal for people who are employed at sedentary jobs all day. This when combined with 50 hours a week, the percentage increase in cardiovascular diseases increases 10-12X times! Unless you want to spend the rest of your miserable life with a weak heart and a failing body, get up & squeeze some time out of your busy schedule to exercise. 

What excuse will it be this time, huh? Take brisk walking sessions, mild jogging, hit the stairs instead of elevators (if possible), perform stretching exercises every now & then to keep your body ‘hearty’ and ‘healthy’. 

Tip 4 –

Stay clear of second-hand smoke always! Forget smoking and alcohol consumption, even passive smoking can be equally detrimental for your health and can elevate heart diseases by 25-30%. According to several researchers, regular exposure to tobacco alone contributes to thousands of lung cancer deaths and increases the cardiovascular disease mortality rate in India by several folds. 

Non-smokers suffering from high blood pressure for high blood cholesterol are even at higher risk of contracting heart diseases from passive smoking. The chemicals emitted from nicotine smoke causes plaque build-up in the coronary arteries resulting in heart blockage. 


It’s not just smoking that is harmful but, too much alcohol consumption can have an equally negative impact. Chewing tobacco products can cause even more harm as the nicotine is ingested directly into the bloodstream. So, avoid them at all cost! 

Tip 5 –

Adequate sleep is necessary for a healthy heart and body. In our busy schedule finding an ample amount of time to sleep peacefully can seem like a luxury. But, that shouldn’t be an excuse to be sleep deprived for a longer time. So is the appointment with the best cardiology doctor in India to prescribe you medicines in the initial stages if you suffer from chronic insomnia or other sleep-related disorders. 

Make sure to get at least 7 to 8 hours of deep sleep most nights. If you are suffering from sleep apnoea then get it treated as soon as possible as it can be linked to heart diseases and arrhythmias. Sleep deprivation can have severe effects on your body along with psychological effects. Anxiety disorders and depression can often cause less sleep. This in turn will lead to inflammation of coronary arteries and also hamper the blood pressure. 

That being said; follow the 5 tips mentioned above and you will be doing your precious heart a favour. Always remember that with an active and healthy lifestyle you can not only achieve success in life but also, set a positive example for your loved and dear ones.