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10 Essential Questions About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a medicinal practice that originated in Germany. It involves the use of diluted forms of minerals that are used to stimulate the body’s natural defences. In this blog, we will look at some of the questions that are commonly asked about homeopathy.

Without further ado, let’s start!

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10 Essential Questions About Homeopathy

  1. What is Homeopathy?

This is a type of treatment system that involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances. The aim of this is to kick-start the body’s natural healing system. Doctors will match the most effective treatment to the patient.

  1. Are homeopathic medicines safe?

Homeopathic medicines are considered safe because they are prescribed in very small doses. You may have seen the medication prescribed by the homeopathic doctor, they are the size of mustard seeds. However, one needs to consume them more frequently than other kinds of medicines.

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  1. Are small doses effective?

Yes, the small doses of homeopathy are pretty effective. They undergo two parts in their making, one part is known as potentization or the dilution of ingredients. The second part is known as succussion or vigorous shaking.

  1. Explain the goal of the homeopathic treatment?

The goal of homoeopathy is to help the body return to its normal state of health and balance. It helps the body to naturally utilise its own healing properties and fills in the gaps where the body is lacking. Once these gaps have been filled in, the body then learns to fight the disease based on its own strength.

  1. Is homeopathy psychological?

Homeopathy is not a placebo effect. The reason is rooted in logic and examples. Children and animals have been cured by the medicines of homeopathy. Infants have been cured by colic, teething pain and other infections. Animals also have been treated with these kinds of medicines, and it is not possible for animals to experience placebo effect.

  1. What is Acute Homeopathy?

Acute health problems are those where the symptoms will go away on their own. These include the conditions such as flu, colds, coughs and sprains. The medicines used for these are safe, and have no side effects.

  1. What is Constitutional Homeopathy?

This type of homeopathy treats a person holistically, including past and present problems. When this is carried out properly, there may be a profound healing experience. Several chronic and long term diseases can be healed with constitutional homeopathy.

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  1. What is homeopathy’s approach?

Homeopathy does not treat just the disease or the condition. It treats the whole mental, physical, and emotional aspects of the person the same. The treatment is customised to every patient and the intent is to remove the underlying cause. That is why homeopathy takes time to heal a person.

  1. What is the relationship between symptoms and homeopathy?

Conventional medicine tends to suppress and inhibit symptoms. Allopathy does not recognise the symptoms as having a previous cause but as new symptoms. Thus allopathy treats diseases as having no relation to the previous symptoms that have taken place.

  1. Why isn’t homeopathy popular today?

Homeopathy is very popular in European countries like France, Germany, India and Pakistan. A vast population of the world trusts and believes in homeopathy. However, there are plenty of sceptics and naysayers as well who believe homeopathy is nothing but a placebo effect.


  • Homeopathy treatment originated in Germany and is considered by many as a reliable form of treatment. It is very popular in Europe and the Indian subcontinent.
  • Homeopathy’s approach is to treat a person holistically, keeping in mind the past ailments, temperament and condition of the person.
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In conclusion, ask these 10 questions to your homeopathic doctor and see what answers you get. Then decide on the treatment course you want to opt for.

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